Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Decision update...windy question?

I have been struggling to know what wind speed would allow a swim to succeed, as this decision is normally handled by the Captain of the boat.  But in this instance, the Captain (Sean McCarry) is only used to pounding the waves with his 300 horsepower 2 engined craft.  So between Paul, Carlos, Joe and Sean, we need to decided if it is a go'er.

To get a better perspective, I chatted to Andy King (my English Channel swim captain), and quizzed him on wind speed. 

He said:
15 to 20 knots would be ok if wind is behind you.
Ideal would be 10 - 12 knots.
If wind is blowing with the tide it's ok, if against tide it's choppy.

Current wind direction expected for Saturday is South East, which would be perfect for the swim i.e. the wind is behind the tide and speed currently ~ 8 - 10 knots.

At the moment, it would be a go-er, let's look again tomorrow, when we can see the predictions for Sunday. As far as I can tell from the satellite imagery it will be very similar i.e. there is a big low pressure sitting over the UK and going nowhere fast.

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