Sunday, 26 August 2012

Still chugging!!!

He is still there! 

Apparently he is giving his crew more verbal abuse than Prince Charles will be handing out to Harry this weekend, but they are taking it as a good sign that he still has fight left in him!

Last feed was tense, but when they broke it to him that he has less than 1.6 nautical miles left (that's 2.96km - I had to look it up), he was extremely psyched and completely sure that he will make it!

Knowing Wayne's pace, this usually should take him about 1 hour to swim, but we're talking about a very tired boy out there, so perhaps 90 minutes?

Come on Wayne!!!!!

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Wayne likes pork pies and Guinness. He likes routine and predictability. He loves his family. He's 40+, short(ish), balding and battling with waistline expansion. He's been known to occasionally play a good round of golf, likes to tinker with 'stuff' and has rescued a group of friends from the African wild by fixing a Land Rover with a jellybaby.

He's never been a great fan of physical exertion. In short (apart from the jellybaby incident), Wayne is an ordinary person. And he's about to do something really amazingly, astoundingly and astonishingly extra-ordinary. He's going to swim the the treacherous, never-been-swum-before channel between Kintyre (Scotland) and Ballycastle (Ireland). For charity. This is his story.