Sunday, 19 August 2012

This time next week... I may be swimming

Yikes,  it's starting to get very real.  My preferred swim date is the 26th of Aug, next Sunday.  

Looking at the Met Office 5 day forecast, next Thursday the wind seems to be subsiding (5 to 10 knots) and turning from SW, which I would be swimming straight into (not good), to SE which will be hitting me in the face but allow me to cross faster.

My training this past week was ok, I didn't quite hit my training targets, but it was good enough.  Only problem is that I got a little ear ache (starting to clear) and my right shoulder is fairly tender.  I am not going to swim at all this week, give my shoulder a chance to recover and hopefully be fresh for the swim.

My bulk swim feed (Maxim carbohydrate) arrived while I was away, so my feed, costume (purchased a new one and tested it last week) and new googles (also tested) are ready to go!

Now we wait and see if the weather is good enough next weekend to swim i.e. the wind stays low.  All other considerations are out of my control i.e. water temperature, jelly fish and tides

Tick tock.

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