Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hour 3

They have just completed his 4th feed. In terms of positioning, they are very happy, despite their location seeming to be way off the predicted swim line when you view the Google Maps of the swim. Wayne is currently swimming in the slack part of the tide and will shortly be shunted down the channel in a south easterly direction as the tide increases. The navigation team are very happy with their progress.

Physically Wayne seems to be powering away brilliantly. He is maintaining a stroke rate of 52 - 51 strokes per hour - this has always been his strong area - even after 17 hours in the water during the English Channel swim, he was still grinding along at this phenomenal rate. He has indicated to his team that his shoulder is beginning to feel stiff. This was a worry for him in the week leading up to the swim, fingers crossed that they can manage that sufficiently to complete the swim.

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Wayne likes pork pies and Guinness. He likes routine and predictability. He loves his family. He's 40+, short(ish), balding and battling with waistline expansion. He's been known to occasionally play a good round of golf, likes to tinker with 'stuff' and has rescued a group of friends from the African wild by fixing a Land Rover with a jellybaby.

He's never been a great fan of physical exertion. In short (apart from the jellybaby incident), Wayne is an ordinary person. And he's about to do something really amazingly, astoundingly and astonishingly extra-ordinary. He's going to swim the the treacherous, never-been-swum-before channel between Kintyre (Scotland) and Ballycastle (Ireland). For charity. This is his story.