Sunday, 26 August 2012


Wayne has just had his 7th feed. He is experiencing minor cramps but still motoring along at a very respectable 50 strokes a minute. 

For the past hour he was joined in the water by Paul. This helps him break the tedium as all the adrenaline has now worn off and the excitement of the start is a distant memory. Now its just the miles stretching out in front of him, so having someone next to him gives him something to focus on and set a pace to. Another reason why he will be very grateful to have a buddy in the water is to help spot Jelly Fish. It places a huge strain on his neck to constantly look ahead so he will avoid this as much as possible in order to pace himself. Once Paul gets out of the water, Jonny will take over to help out.

From a navigational perspective they are very happy about Wayne's progress too. Whilst he has veered quite a bit off course to the West, this seems to play in his favour - right now he is being swept almost due south, which means he will end up nearer the coast line once the tide slackens and eventually turns again.

For those of you who would like to relive those tense moments during Wayne's English Channel swim you can do that here:

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  1. Keep reminding him that later today he WILL ACHIEVE something that NOONE has EVER achieved EVER! Go Team Wayne!


Wayne likes pork pies and Guinness. He likes routine and predictability. He loves his family. He's 40+, short(ish), balding and battling with waistline expansion. He's been known to occasionally play a good round of golf, likes to tinker with 'stuff' and has rescued a group of friends from the African wild by fixing a Land Rover with a jellybaby.

He's never been a great fan of physical exertion. In short (apart from the jellybaby incident), Wayne is an ordinary person. And he's about to do something really amazingly, astoundingly and astonishingly extra-ordinary. He's going to swim the the treacherous, never-been-swum-before channel between Kintyre (Scotland) and Ballycastle (Ireland). For charity. This is his story.